Preorder Updates

This page is used as an information page for Preorders, including how they run, why we do them and updates on the status of current orders and expected arrival dates. 

Vinyl - Currently in a European Depot, expected to arrive shortly.

Drinkware - Arrived and Shipped

Glass Cups - Arrived and Shipped

August Stainless Preorder - All customers affected have been emailed (please check junk box from the shipment was lost somewhere in Asia, it has now been resent so we are hoping it arrives ASAP, if there are any issues please contact us on the above email.


Why Preorders?

A great deal of our customers have, or are in the process of creating, small businesses. This means that stocking issues are a problem as a lot of our ranges are in a variety of colours and tend to sell out quickly when they come in. Preorders are a way to secure the stock you require before the products arrive meaning you can ensure that all that you need is on the way. It also means that through your own business if you know your expected stock levels you can plan releases, or run your own preorders for your finished products. 

How do Preorders Work?

Preorders work like any other purchase, you add the required amounts of each item into your basket and checkout like usual. We then place the order with our suppliers after the end date, ensuring all of your products are ordered for you. When the products arrive they will then be shipped to you.

How Long do Preorders Take?

Each Preorder has a different timeline based on numerous factors. We generally like to say 45 days, although many have been much shorter and on occasion some have been longer due to delays at ports, or things beyond our control. Once you place a Preorder we will post updates on this page of the status of each order.

Can I Cancel a Preorder?

Due to the nature of Preorders we buy the stock in specifically for you, so Preorders are generally non refundable, however it is always worth contacting us as we may be able to put you in contact with someone who will take over your Preorder, as some people do miss the deadline - although this is not guaranteed.